A. E. Patel & Co.

  1. Sales are to be paid for upon delivery, except where other agreements exist.
  2. We do not hold responsibility for stability of products whenever 'en vrac' sales are made. Any deterioration which occurs eventually will be at the client's risk. The same applies to drugs sold in original packing which are afterwards broken by the buyer for the purpose of retailing.
  3. Drugs in original packing which show deterioration (change in colour etc.) may be returned for refund; provided the packing has not been tampered with, and a period of time not exceeding three months has elapsed since sales was effected by us. The corresponding invoice must be produced in such cases.
  4. Certain drugs may be refunded by us, provided that all the following conditions are fulfilled:
    1. These had a remaining shelf life of less than six months when sold by us.
    2. A period of not more than three months has elapsed since the purchase was made.
    3. The packs have not been tampered with, broken, soiled or opened.
    4. The products have been properly stored.
    5. The respective invoices are produced.
  5. Fridge items (E.g Gonal-F, Ovitrelle, Cetrotide, Latep) and bonus items are not returnable.
  6. No drugs once purchased from us can be returned for a refund, except in cases where Para. 3 and 4 apply and where special agreement to this effect exists. This agreement must appear on the invoice concerned, which must be produced in such cases.
  7. For van deliveries, orders should be sent as follows:
    1. For Plaine-Wilhems - by 10h00 Same day
    2. For Port-Louis/ South/ North/ East by 14h30 on the day before the delivery.
  8. Opening hours:

    Lundi - Vendredi:
    8am - 9pm
    9am - 9pm
    Tél: (230) 240 1741

    Lundi - Vendredi:
    8:30am - 4:30pm
    Tél: (230) 210 0128

    We shall endeavor to be at your service. Please contact us whenever you feel we can be of help.