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We improve the health and well-being of all lives

With a strong legacy spanning over 65 years of experience and expertise, AEP is an established, trusted, and purpose driven provider of pharmaceutical logistics, wholesaling, distribution, retailing, marketing, and other innovative healthcare & wellness solutions to global manufacturers, providers, patients, and consumers.


Building on 65+ years of care

Our story begins in 1956 when the late Mr. A.E. Patel founded our business first as a modest retail outlet, then as a wholesale and distributor on SSR (ex-Deforges) Street, Port Louis. With a vision to make quality care accessible to all, Mr. Patel laid the foundation based on the principles of unwavering integrity, excellence, and commitment to customer satisfaction and patient care for AEP to grow into the trusted and reliable partner in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and wellness industry it is today. From sourcing high-quality products from manufacturers to ensuring their efficient delivery to healthcare and wellness providers, AEP’s dedication to ensuring the availability and accessibility of vital pharmaceuticals and innovative healthcare and wellness products is unparalleled.

we do

We are in the business of making quality care accessible and affordable

Helping people access the healthcare and wellness products they need to lead healthy and fulfilled lives, is in our DNA. We put care at the heart of everything we do, whether through product sourcing and distribution, enabling community-based care, or partnering with manufacturers to bring innovative products to market. Our commitment to improving the health and well-being of patients and consumers is what drives us.

We believe that our role goes beyond mere distribution. We play a pivotal role in the healthcare and wellness ecosystem, bridging the gap between health and wellness manufacturers and providers, and consistently meeting the needs of an ever-evolving healthcare landscape. By forging collaborative partnerships with manufacturers and providers, AEP secures and provides access to a vast and diverse range of high quality, safe, effective, and affordable, healthcare and wellness products, ensuring patients and consumers receive the best possible care.

We aspire to be the most trusted partner by building upon our scale and heritage in distribution, products, and solutions, while driving growth in the dynamic healthcare & wellness industry through customer insights, data, and analytics, and focusing on resources on fulfilling on our shared purpose.