As a well-established purpose-driven company with a rich legacy spanning over half a century, AEP has the unique heritage within the pharmaceutical sector and breadth and depth of experience & expertise in optimising the supply chain, and providing health & wellness solutions to its partners, providers, patients, and consumers.

Logistics & Warehousing

Seamlessly connecting our partners with healthcare & wellness providers

We provide supply chain solutions for healthcare & wellness partners, offering a broad range of logistics services and warehousing facilities with nationwide reach and scale while maintaining a controlled temperature environment at every stage of the delivery process.

Logistics Services

With over 65 years of experience, AEP provides robust, reliable, and effective logistics services, such as procurement, inventory management, order management, cold chain management, and timely delivery of pharmaceutical, healthcare, and wellness products to its customers, including pharmacies, clinics, public hospitals, physician practices, and other healthcare & wellness providers, via its own fleet of delivery vehicles.

We ensure safe and efficient handling, storage, and transportation of our products in accordance with Good Distribution Practices and the highest quality standards. This includes proper temperature control, batch traceability, and expiration date management.

Warehousing Facilities

AEP offers warehousing facilities in accordance with Good Storage Practices (GSD), equipped with temperature-controlled environments, cold chain rooms, secure controlled drug storage, back-up generator, and 24/7 camera surveillance, monitoring, and response systems, ensuring the security and preserving the quality and efficacy of our healthcare, pharmaceutical, and wellness products.

Wholesale & Distribution

Putting patient care at the heart of our business

With our unique heritage within the pharmaceutical sector, AEP is the wholesale and distribution partner of choice for the long run. Through our robust distribution network and fully integrated ERP system, we accurately, efficiently, and safely supply and deliver a broad range of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and wellness products to our customers, including pharmacies, private clinics, public hospitals, physicians, veterinary clinics, supermarkets, and other health & wellness providers across the island. We provide a prompt, responsive, flexible, and reliable service enabling our customers to improve the quality of care and service they deliver to patients and consumers and drive better financial results for their business.

By seamlessly connecting our partners with our providers, we are improving access across the continuum of care, and improving the health & well-being of patients and consumers.

Brand Management & Promotion

Targeted promotions through multi-channel programmes

We implement brand management and targeted promotion strategies through multi-channel programmes to maximise brand recognition and performance, build trust, and drive market success, ultimately improving the health and well-being of patients and consumers. We leverage our expertise and our unique access to customers to effectively promote the benefits and value of our brands and speciality products through targeted go-to-market strategies, including in-person visits, medical conferences, in-store training and demonstration, merchandising, digital & print campaigns, and CSR events, while adhering to regulatory requirements, transparency in product claims, and compliance with advertising guidelines.

As a trusted and reliable partner on the market, AEP is reputed for its dynamic, professional, reliable, flexible, and influential sales and marketing team that delivers a personalised approach, builds strong relationships, and fosters trust and loyalty with healthcare & wellness providers through targeted marketing and sales efforts, effectively promoting the benefits and advantages of our brands and speciality products through evidence-based practice, and providing them with the necessary resources, training, support and incentives.

Customer Care

Putting our Customers first

Our customer service team is dedicated in providing best-in-class customer experience by helping our customers access the health & wellness products they need, on time, every day, so they can focus on delivering patient and consumer care.

Market Data & Insights

Targeted strategies through market intelligence & insights

We provide unique market data and insights through market research customer feedback, and sales performance data that enable us and our partners to keep abreast of market trends, consumer preferences, and competitors’ offerings, fine-tune our go-to-market strategies, maintain our competitive edge, and identify new market opportunities.

Regulatory & Compliance

Putting patient safety at the heart of our business

We provide end-to-end pharmacovigilance and regulatory services to our partners with comprehensive support in ensuring product safety, efficacy, and compliance adherence from product registration, renewal, and variation management to robust pharmacovigilance system and operation.

We diligently adhere to quality assurance audits conducted by our suppliers and regulatory authorities, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, product integrity, and patient safety.

We uphold the highest quality assurance standards throughout the supply chain and supply all our products according to Good Distribution Practices (GDP) standards and norms.

Tenders & Bids

Managing our partners end-to-end tendering process seamlessly

Our team is well-versed in navigating and managing the specific regulations, guidelines, and requirements of the local tendering processes. By leveraging our in-depth knowledge and experience, we manage the tendering process on behalf of our suppliers every step of the way, from tender preparation, timely bid submission, to contract fulfilment and on-time delivery, while complying with all regulatory obligations and ethical standards.